My career started in 1997 at a small salon in Bury and very quickly ignited a dream to own my own.  I thrived off education and aspired to learn from the best in our industry, training with Tracy Cunningham in LA (hairdresser to Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz and the Kardashians), ColourBlend specialist Cat Boden, trichologist Iain Sallis, and Racoon, the best leading hair extension specialist.

Our salon specialities are colour correction work, ColourBlends, and hair extensions.  My ongoing passion ensures I provide my clients with the best service; I love to keep up with the latest colour trends and focus on enhancing natural beauty, eye colour and skin tone to create each colour.  ColourBlen
ds enable a low maintenance growth which can last between 3 and 6 months.  This colouring technique, over 2 to 4 hours, takes you back to your natural hair colour; the process has several stages including strategically placed highlights and lowlights.  We then use multiple tones to create depth and highlights, all blended perfectly into an effortlessly natural, sun-kissed look.  As a ColourBlend specialist my mission is to empower my clients to keep the condition of their hair at its best, so colours last longer, hair grows better and time between salon visits is longer. 

I love to educate my clients on the benefits of products for their hair health and for enhancing their bespoke colour beyond their time in our salon. 
My training with Racoon included all aspects of luxe BOND, luxe LINK, luxe WEFT, and the Hair In Recovery system for all types of medical hair loss.  



"We provide the bespoke experience to beautifully perfect hair"

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